We Count is a project of the Inclusive Design Research Centre (IDRC) of OCAD University and is funded by the Accessible Technology Program of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada.

The project is led by Dr. Jutta Treviranus, Professor and Director of IDRC.

The objectives of We Count are to:

  • Increase participation of people with disabilities in the data economy by building awareness of data challenges and opportunities within the disability community, removing accessibility barriers, and fostering skills and knowledge of inclusive data science;
  • Address exclusion and bias against people with disabilities in data systems, including artificial intelligence, data analytics and smart systems by co-designing and testing new AI and data analytics processes that are better suited to diversity and complexity, and addressing data gaps related to persons with disabilities;
  • Ensure that people with disabilities help to shape the evolution of the data economy by equipping people with disabilities with the necessary skills and knowledge;
  • Increase employment of persons with disabilities in the data industry by addressing barriers and integrating accessibility features into data systems;
  • Decrease vulnerability of persons with disabilities to data abuse and misuse by establishing data platform cooperatives and creating model implementations of the personal data preference standard.

We Count Advisory Panel

  • Michael Bach, IRIS
  • Sara Basson, Google
  • Pina D’Intino, Aequum Global Access
  • Rich Donovan, Return on Disability Group
  • Charles Finley, VP Marcomms, Co-founder/Chair Code for Canada
  • Catherine Frazee, Retired Professor, Ryerson School for Disability Studies
  • Megan Lawrence, Microsoft
  • Yazmine Laroche, Treasury Board Secretariat Canada
  • Clayton H Lewis, UC Boulder
  • Wendy Porch, Centre for Independent Living Toronto
  • Victor Santiago Pineda, World Enabled Organization
  • Shea Tanis, Coleman Institute
  • Shari Trewin, IBM

Contact Us

For more information about We Count, contact the project manager, Dr. Vera Roberts at vroberts@ocadu.ca or by calling 416-977-6000 x3954