We Count has a lot of things on the go. You can learn and co-create with us. Here are some of our upcoming and recent activities.

Accessible Survey Platforms

Online Conversation on Accessible Survey Platforms. Tuesday, August 4th. 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM. Register for free

Digging DEEPer Online Conversation—Online Survey Platform Accessibility

Join us in our upcoming We Count Digging DEEPer event on Tuesday, August 4th from 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM EDT: A Conversation on Accessible Survey Platforms, hosted by the Inclusive Design Research Centre. All are welcome and registration is free. The meeting will have captions; ASL will be made available upon request at registration. 

Our discussion will consider the accessibility of various collaborative tools, survey platforms and question formats and ways to conduct accessible surveys and research.  

Join the conversation with members of the inclusive design community. All participants will be able to speak during this event.  

Date: Tuesday, August 4th

Time: 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM EDT

Machine Learning Bias

Free Digging DEEPer Webinar on Machine Learning Discrmination by Dr. Toon Calders on July 8, 2020 11AM-12PM

Digging DEEPer Webinar—Machine Learning Discrimination: Bias In, Bias Out

Featuring: Dr. Toon Calders
(University of Antwerp)

Artificial intelligence is more and more responsible for decisions that have a huge impact on our lives. But predictions made using data mining and algorithms can affect population subgroups differently. Academic researchers and journalists have shown that decisions taken by predictive algorithms sometimes lead to biased outcomes, reproducing inequalities already present in society. Is it possible to make a fairness-aware data mining process? Are algorithms biased because people are too? Or is it how machine learning works at the most fundamental level?

The recording of the webinar will be available in our Learn section.