Equitable Digital Systems Final Research Report

By Jess Mitchell

Equitable Digital Systems logo

Future of Work: Equitable Digital Systems (EDS) project team is excited to share the outcomes of a nearly three-year collaboration — during COVID. The project aimed to inform accessibility standards development for digital systems, particularly those associated with work. The project produced a number of “living” resources, including:

  1. An exploration of digital systems situated within the context of work (a context that changed dramatically during COVID) as barriers to digital tools and systems.
  2. A thorough jurisdictional scan of international standards and regulations related to disability and technology, and sharing a Compendium as a viewable and downloadable resource.

The voice and perspective of the disability community was a central focus of the project. Along with ten disability research and advocacy organizations, fifty-five individuals with lived experience of disability contributed to the project over twelve co-design research sessions.

The co-design sessions offered a welcome chance for people with disabilities across Canada to connect, swap stories and share experiences. The outcomes of the co-design sessions, together with the research resources, culminated in eleven actionable recommendations and considerations for standards development relating to technology, disability and the future of work.

The final research reports can be viewed on the IDRC website.