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A Future Date Conference

Jutta Treviranus shares her presentation from the Future Date Conference Key Note.

A Clusive Success Story

Joseph Scheuhammer
Clusive is a free, flexible, adaptive and customizable learning environment. It is a web application for students and teachers that addresses access and learning barriers present in digital and open learning materials.
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Accessible Canada, Accessible World Conference

Vera Roberts
Organized by IDRC, in partnership with Concordia, the Accessible Canada, Accessible World conference on May 27-28, 2024, is an international event dedicated to advancing accessibility and inclusive design. This conference is an opportunity to co-create resources and to share knowledge and lessons learned in advancing accessibility and inclusion. We invite you to join us in this collaborative effort, and to ensure that the global accessibility agenda is guided by people with disabilities. Together, we can make Canada and the world more accessible and inclusive for everyone.
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AI, Fairness and Bias

Jutta Treviranus
Dr. Jutta Treviranus participated in the Sight Tech Global 2020 panel "AI, Fairness and Bias" on December 2.
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Conférence Un Canada accessible, Un monde accessible

Vera Roberts
Organisée par le IDRC, en partenariat avec l'Université Concordia, la conférence CAMA, qui se tiendra les 27 et 28 mai 2024, est un événement international consacré à l'avancement de l'accessibilité et de la conception inclusive. Cette conférence est l'occasion de cocréer des ressources et de partager les connaissances et les enseignements tirés de l'avancement de l'accessibilité et de l'inclusion. Nous vous invitons à vous joindre à nous dans cet effort de collaboration et à veiller à ce que l'agenda mondial de l'accessibilité soit guidé par les personnes en situation d’handicapées. Ensemble, nous pouvons rendre le Canada et le monde plus accessibles et plus inclusifs pour tous.
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Disability Bias in AI-Powered Hiring Tools Co-Design

Arjun Sawhney
In May, we completed our second set of co-design sessions with the Equitable Digital Systems (EDS) project. EDS is a project that explores how to make digital systems more inclusive for persons with disabilities in the workplace.

Ensuring Equitable Outcomes from Automated Hiring Processes: An Update

Antranig Basman, Raising the Floor - International
For this article, Antranig is considering this problem in the context of corporate apologies for technological practice and initiatives such as data feminism that seek to transfer power from privileged groups to those at the margins of society.