Update on City of Toronto Data for Equity Strategy

By Vera Roberts

The City of Toronto Data for Equity Strategy was considered at the City of Toronto Executive Committee on November 18, 2020 and adopted on November 25, 2020.

The Data for Equity Strategy will support city divisions to collect socio-demographic data and to analyze, use and apply disaggregated data to inform equitable program planning and service delivery. It recommends a phased approach, starting with pilot projects to test out and learn in different program contexts. A phased approach is recommended because this work is complex, requires substantial time and resources, and must be done with great care and informed by community perspectives.

The report has several attachments, including the Data for Equity Strategy, an overview of other jurisdictions and a set of guidelines on how city programs should collect manage and share socio-demographic data and disaggregated data in a consistent way. The report and attachments are available on the City of Toronto’s Council website.

The strategy, guidelines and socio-demographic questions were informed by consultation with researchers, data and anti-racism experts, community organizations, advisory groups, community members, Black organizations and leaders, and Indigenous organizations, advisory groups and leaders. They were developed through extensive research, review and consultation to learn from experiences of local and provincial partners, and in other cities and sectors in Canada and internationally.