2021 AI Index Report

This year we significantly expanded the amount of data available in the report, worked with a broader set of external organizations to calibrate our data, and deepened our connections with Stanford HAI. The 2021 report also shows the effects of COVID-19 on AI development from multiple perspectives. The Technical Performance chapter discusses how an AI startup used machine-learning-based techniques to accelerate COVID-related drug discovery during the pandemic, and our Economy chapter suggests that AI hiring and private investment were not significantly adversely influenced by the pandemic, as both grew during 2020. If anything, COVID-19 may have led to a higher number of people participating in AI research conferences, as the pandemic forced conferences to shift to virtual formats, which in turn led to significant spikes in attendance.

Focus: AI Ethics/Policy
Source: AI Index and Stanford HAI
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Summary: The 2021 AI Index Report highlights nine takeaways, including AI's diversity challenge, the importance of benchmarks for AI ethics, and the rise of surveillance technology.