Accessible Canada, Accessible World Conference

Register now for the Accessible Canada, Accessible World Conference. May 27-28, 2024. Concordia University (Montreal) and online.

Accessible Canada, Accessible World Conference

Register for the Accessible Canada, Accessible World conference on May 27-28, 2024!

Organized by IDRC, in partnership with Concordia, the ACAW conference is an international event dedicated to advancing accessibility and inclusive design.

This conference is an opportunity to co-create resources and to share knowledge and lessons learned in advancing accessibility and inclusion. We invite you to join us in this collaborative effort, and to ensure that the global accessibility agenda is guided by people with disabilities. Together, we can make Canada and the world more accessible and inclusive for everyone.

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Conference themes

Theme 1: Emerging Issues and Addressing Gaps. “Who and what are we missing?”

Theme 2: Inclusive decision-making, in which we will collectively shape inclusive design of research, democracy, evidence, proof, measuring, indicators and other decision tools.

Theme 3: Innovation in standards and policy, with a focus on standards for disruptive emerging systems.

Theme 4: Accessible and equitable communications

Conference details

Date: May 27–28, 2024 (Monday and Tuesday)

Location: Concordia University (Montreal) and online

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