Horizontal rectangle banner of four badges of WeCount. Learner, brainstormer, collaborator and communicator. All the badges are hexagonal in shape.

We Count badges enable earners to showcase their proficiency in the growing fields of AI, data systems and inclusive data practices as well as other skills. Badges, once earned, will be owned completely by the earner and can be shared across social media platforms, such as LinkedIn and Instagram, to display their achievement and showcase what has been learned. These badges are designed to address the interests, skills and availability of diverse participants. Earners can expect to work with and learn from a range of experts:

  • Industry and public service professionals in data systems
  • Technical and research assistants that specialize in data science
  • Inclusive design facilitators with expertise in inclusive co-design

The badges fall under a variety of categories, such as Learner, Brainstormer, Collaborator and Communicator, and can be undertaken independently or together as part of a continuing project:

  • Learner badge allows the recipient to show off their knowledge without a comprehensive assessment.
  • Brainstormer badge demonstrates that the earner has helped We Count discover or outline solutions and approaches to in-house initiatives and inclusive design challenges.
  • Collaborator badge demonstrates that the earner has participated in a co-creation or co-research activity.
  • Communicator badge demonstrates that earners have delivered presentations, project reports and visualizations of findings culminated in earlier phases of a challenge activity.

How are badges earned?

We Count badges are earned by registering with and participating in We Count initiatives or challenges and completing assessments. You can “stack” your badges to earn new badges.

  1. Participate in a We Count initiative and follow the “apply for badge” link to CanCred Factory on the website or, in some cases, in an email that you receive from We Count
  2. Create or open your free CanCred account, which gives you your free badge CanCred Passport for storing your badges
  3. Apply for the badge
  4. Share your badge

See our currently available badges.

Earn a badge

Our initiatives and their corresponding badges are listed below.

We Count Learner badge

The Metric Society and the Unmeasurable Learner badge

You will learn:

  • How the rise of quantification has created and strengthened social hierarchies
  • How quantification could lead to standardization but does not necessarily capture social diversity and deviance
  • About the importance of bottom-up, community-driven initiatives in addressing the top-down mismanagement of personal data and access to social services

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We Count Learner badge

AI and AT Apps Learner badge

You will learn:

  • How AI systems within various commercial software applications impact persons with disabilities and marginalized communities
  • About accessibility features and design considerations present in current assistive technology applications
  • By sharing your experience with technology in an AI-supported world in a succinct and organized format

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AI and AT Apps Communicator Badge

AI and AT Apps Communicator badge

Building Indigenous Future Imaginaries

Building Indigenous Future Imaginaries Learner badge

Inclusive AI for HR

Inclusive AI for HR Learner badge

AI Hiring System Policies

AI Hiring System Policies Learner badge

AI Employment Systems

AI Employment Systems Learner badge

Bias In, Bias Out

Bias In, Bias Out Learner badge